Aneela Kiran RJ Girl from Chakwal

Aneela Kiran is a RJ Girl from Chakwal Pakistan. Chakwal is the well known city of Pakistan. It is located in Punjab. It is also located near Peshawar. People of this area are not well educated.

RJ Girl Pakistan


It is well known city but people of this area are not well known in Pakistan. RJ girl is well educated girl of Chakwal Pakistan. RJ girl is searching for some friends. She is RJ at one of the well known radio stations of Pakistan. She is very modern and marvelous girl. Sending and receiving text messages is her hobby. She is one of the famous girls of Chakwal. She is also one of the brilliant students of Chakwal.  Being an RJ is a dream for girls and boys. She is now RJ and happy with her success. She wants a good boy friend also. She loves to make friendship with decent boy. She is yet to find a good boy friend. She also wants dating with a boy.

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