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Girl from Attock“A village is a hive of glass, where nothing unobserved can pass”. Attock is a city located in the northern border of Punjab and the province of Pakistan. Waisa Khan is a village of Attock. A village girl is quite different from modern girl or a city girl. A modern or a city girl is a butterfly, but village girl is simplicity personified. Saba is also an Attock village cute girl. She is shy and bashful. She does not use rouge, powder, paint polish , snow, lipstick and nail polishes and many other artificial Aida to beauty. She lives close to nature and friends. She is endowed with blooming health. Attock lady Saba leads a busy life . She always speak truth. She has many friends in their village fields , where she plays a lot of games with her friends . She has a keen desire to make many more friends. Her talking way is very impressive. She is very hard working or intelligent girl. Saba belongs not a high class or modern family like city girls.

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