Saba Chand Actress Girl from Sheikhupura

Saba Chand is an Actress Girl from Sheikhupura Pakistan. She is beautiful actress Girl of Sheikhupurs Pakistan. She holds a good place in the top actresses of Pakistan.

Sheikhupura Girl Picture


She is very clever in her acts. She is always focused on her targets. She is well educated and her age is 24. She got some marriage proposals but she does not like arrange marriage. Her dream is love marriage and she is finding her match. Let’s see who will be the perfect choice for her. Sheikhupura is a famous city of Pakistan. Sheikhupura is listed in the top cities of Pakistan. Honey girl loves her city Sheikhupura Pakistan. She hates failure like other girls. She gives proper time to her old College friends.

She was the brilliant student of her School, College and University life. She likes battles in each and every field of her life. She is fond of winning. She wanted to become the best among the best actresses. She has done what she wanted. She does everything worthwhile. Girls of Pakistan are good looking as well as they are charming. These days Girls of our country are well educated and sensible. Actress Girl from Sheikhupura also meets with the other girls of Sheikhupura. Actress Girl is one of the attractive girls on the planet. Actress Girl loves children. She likes to play and have fun with babies.

She spends her reserve time with children and playing some sports games like cricket. She has started using Internet also and looking to meet with some new and nice people. Actress Girl from Sheikhupura is one of the brave girls. Actress girls are always famous for their job. Their movies are broadcasted and they work in dramas, fashion shows and some other programs also. Their work is always tough and they have to work hard till late night. But their way of living is very nice and they always get the love of people and support from them also. She has to find some new friends so contact her in our friends’ zone and make friendship with her.